Impact of photography in digital marketing

There is no gain saying we live in a world filled with image capturing technology. The rate at which photography is trending in our society only goes to show the influencing power of photography in our world. Buy a kid as young as ten a cell phone, the next thing she’s asking you if it has a selfie camera and what megapixel is it? They don’t want just anything; they need a phone camera with the image capturing ease of the professional photographer.

Digital marketing is right on top of its games, using trending issues to power its marketing delivery and photography is just right at the center of it. The discussion about global warming is brought to reality with the incredibly sharp image of the desert in a place that was a thick green forest a few years back. Having the image conveys a realistic message to show the audience this is not just a makeup story but reality.

Without much ado, the following are ways photography is impacting digital marketing today:

  • Compact content, powerful message. You can use a single picture to convey a message that you need 1000 words to express. What you need to describe the fate of children in war torn area when mobilizing funds to save the innocent kids in war areas only requires sending the image of the children in their real state, and with a few words, your message is conveyed, and the result would follow.
  • Audience connects well with image than text. The saying “seeing is believing” has no truer application than in photography. Show the listeners a series of pictures, and you find them pay rapt attention than sending ten speakers to bore them with stories. In business, technology, science, and culture, the use of pictures has a better impact in sending a message than using only text.
  • The use of marketing character makes better sense with image Think of the adverts that run on your screen and see how immediately you connect with the brand message. Photography makes different brand become the real products as when you mention milk, cell phone, car, holiday, student, travel and much more, each word conveys the ruling image advert in your head.
  • Enhanced marketing creativity. You wake up today with more picture messages than text. Kids communicate with emoji; adults as well find video message more appealing than sending thousands of text messages. What all these means for marketers is to use the right photo message to communicate with their audience and you get the right answers. No wonder picture based social media is taking the front line in social media activities as you have with Pinterest and Instagram.

Using photos in your marketing communication gives your audience something to hold on to about your product. The more creative you are about it, the more your success in reaching out to your market.

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