How to improve photography on your site?

Almost every successful website today uses photography to enhance its appearance. Thanks to modern technology, website owners can alter the way photography is used on their websites. JavaScript, CSS and certain design principles can be quite helpful in this process. Of course, website owners and designers don’t have unlimited choices, but the fact is that the bulky and static photos are a thing of the past.

There are many people who are running websites that are simply unaware of the importance of editing photos so they can look better. They don’t know that the photos must be compatible with the overall website design. In case the photos you are sharing were created with the help of different cameras or have been captured at different periods of the year or the day it is highlight recommended to alter the contrast and brightness or even use cropping. With the help of CSS3 effects or a simple photo editor, this task will become simpler even for those who have no experience in this field. Thanks to grid systems you can put images in a system and easily break the columns when required. There is no need to full-width photos all the time.

Smart use of the so-called picture element (in the HTML code) and easy loaders should be the last step in optimizing photos. Of course, it is highly recommended to invest time and money if needed in a responsive design. In other words, you should make sure that very user, regardless of the device they are using to enter your website will get the best viewing experience. Now let’s analyze some good examples of photo websites that have managed to maximize the effects of their site photos.

Gabriel Ribes

Gabriel Ribes is a successful designer and artist who has a unique website. His website is featuring many original elements, but his humorous portfolio is the best part. It relies on CSS and JavaScript for fast loading. There are also some simple animations.


The first thing you will notice on this website is the use of modern CSS to cover imagery with the help of huge letters. The fonts are playing important role in modern photo website design.

Double eight

Double Eight is a clothing brand from Italy that has a website that relies on grid structures. However, they are not using these structures and elements too much which allows them to emphasize the professional photos found on every page.